Velvet Voyage is the first track on the eighth album by Klaus Schulze, MIRAGE (1977).


Recorded: January 1977

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Perfomer(s): Klaus Schulze

Alternative Version(s): In Cosa Crede Chi Non Crede? (part Destination Void), Hitchcock Suite [partly]


Velvet Voyage has 6 subtitles, which are not displayed on any player, so you cannot skip to them.

  1. Velvet Voyage (28:16)
    1. 1984
    2. Aeronef
    3. Eclipse
    4. Exvasion
    5. Lucid Interspace
    6. Destination Void

Parts of Velvet Voyage can be found in the bonus track In Cosa Crede Chi Non Crede? and in Hitchcock Suite from JUBILEE EDITION (1997).

This track was (partly) used for:

  • the German educational film "E-Werk Sonne"
  • the German educational film "Konstruktivismus" (1980/82)
  • the Suiss film "Cappuccini in Svizzera - Kapuziner in der Schweiz" (1983)
  • the BBC documentary "The Day the Universe changed" (1985)
  • the German educational film "Klima im Koma - das Ozonloch" (1989)
  • the theatre play "Georg Trakl, Blaubart" (1991), premiered in Vienna
  • the French tv film "Les Volcans, le Passion des Krafft" (1994)


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