The Dome Event is the first track on the twenty-sixth album by Klaus Schulze, THE DOME EVENT (1993). The title stems from the venue of the concert it was recorded at: the Cologne Cathedral, also refered to as "The Dome".


Recorded: 11 May 1991, Cologne

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Perfomer(s): Klaus Schulze


The Dome Event is a live track from the 1991 concert, it has numerous subtitles, which are not displayed on any player, so you cannot skip to them, unless your player has an "index function".

  1. The Dome Event (63:31)
      A) Andante:
1) Nachtmusik. Schattenhaft (06:50) - (German=Nightmusic. Shadowy)
B) Allegro:
2) Energisch. In Gemessenem Schritt (09:30) - (German=Energetic. At A Walking Pace)
3) Sehr Behaglich. Keck Im Ausdruck (03:25) - (German=Very Comfortable. Boldly In Expression)
4) Unbeschwert (07:43) - (German=Light-Hearted)
5) Ohne Hast (05:06) - (German=Without Haste)
6) Scherzo: Un Poco Loco (03:19) - (Italian/Spanish=Playfully: A Little Crazy)
7) The Event: Rhythmisch Üppig, Dann Vergnügt. Bewegt (12:49) - (German=Rhythmically opulent. Then Cheerful. Varied)
C) Presto:
8) Übermütig, Stürmisch Bewegt. Heftig (08:16) - (German=High-Spirited. Rousing Varied. Tempestuously)
9) Un Poco Loco (Reprise) (01:25) - (Spanish=A Little Crazy)
10) Crescendo (02:03) - (Italian=Getting Louder)
11) Finale: Tutti Synthi (03:05) - (Italian=Final: All Synthi)

The German and Italian subtitles are (mostly) based on classical music terms like:

  • Andante - at a walking pace
  • Allegro - fast, quickly, and bright
  • Presto - extremely fast
  • Scherzo - playfully
  • Crescendo - getting louder


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