TONWELLE is the second album by Klaus Schulze released under his alias Richard Wahnfried, originally released on 1 March 1981. It was reissued in 2012 as a two-disc release (called Richard Wahnfried's Tonwelle), but with different mixes, and under Klaus' name.


Original version

  1. Schwung (17:05)
  2. Druck (18:20)


CD 1

  1. Schwung (17:01)
  2. Druck (18:33)

CD 2

  1. Schwung (22:47)
  2. Druck (24:27)


Recording date(s): 1981

Recording site(s): Winsen

Producer(s): Klaus Schulze

Musician(s): Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching, Karl Wahnfried, Michael Shrieve, Michael Garvens


On the 1990 issue, two shorter versions of Angry Young Boys and Rich Meets Max from MEGATONE are featured as bonus.

This album was reissued in 2012 as Richard Wahnfried's Tonwelle. The reissue features different mixes of the original tracks, but the original tracks are omitted here. CD 1 is a 45 rpm-version, and CD 2 is a 33 1/3 rpm-version.

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