THE COSMIC JOKERS is the first album by German krautrock supergroup The Cosmic Jokers. It was released in 1974.


  1. Galactic Joke (22:38)
    1. Galactic Joke (A) (07:10)
    2. Galactic Joke (B) (06:44)
    3. Galactic Joke (C) (08:45)
  2. Cosmic Joy (19:25)
    1. Cosmic Joy (A) (09:19)
    2. Cosmic Joy (B) (10:06)


Recording date(s): February to May 1973

Recording site(s): Stommeln

Musician(s): Manuel Göttsching, Dieter Dierks, Jürgen Dollase, Harald Grosskopf, Klaus Schulze

Producer(s): Gille Lettmann, Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser


For the CD issues the tracks were given subtracks.

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