Richard Wahnfried, later just Wahnfried (after 1993), is the long-time and only real alias for Klaus Schulze – originally a pseudonym, later an official side project name. Seven albums were released under this name between 1979 and 1997, plus one album as part of the box set CONTEMPORARY WORKS I (2000).

General information

The main characteristics of the Wahnfried albums (as opposed to Schulze's regular works) are:

  • Often being oriented towards more mainstream genres (some would say "more commercial"), such as rock, dance, techno and trance.
  • Always allowing for collaborative and less electronic albums, with known or unknown guest musicians performing along Schulze's synths.

The pseudonym's etymology stems from Schulze's love for Richard Wagner:

  • Richard, evidently from Wagner's first name. Richard is also the name of Schulze's first son.
  • Wahnfried ("Peace from delusion and/or madness", in German), from the name Wagner gave to his villa in Bayreuth (and where he was later buried).

In his 1975 album TIMEWIND (1975) (four years before the first alias use), Schulze had already named a track Wahnfried 1883 (in reference to Wagner's death and burial in his Wahnfried's garden in 1883). The other track on TIEMWIND is called Bayreuth Return. After 1993, the albums are simply credited to Wahnfried, and namedrop Schulze ("featuring Klaus Schulze", "Produced by Klaus Schulze").

Wahnfried is the only known alias of Schulze (albeit on the TRIBUTE TO KLAUS SCHULZE (1998) album, among 10 other artists, Schulze contributed one track barely hidden behind the "Schulzendorfer Groove Orchester" pseudonym).

Wahnfried Albums

Guest musicians

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