Re: People I Know is the first track on the second disc AVEC ARTHUR from the box set JUBILEE EDITION (1997) by Klaus Schulze.


Recorded: 30 September 1977, Düsseldorf, Germany

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Performer(s): Klaus Schulze


Re: People I Know has 6 subtitles, which are only separate tracks to skip to on LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 7 (2010).

  1. Re: People I Know (40:19)
    1. Eddie (08:58)
    2. Stomu (04:06)
    3. Hartmut And Manuel (08:37)
    4. Michael S. (06:19)
    5. Arthur (05:40)
    6. Marian (06:39)

Re: People I Know was reissued in ULTIMATE EDITION and LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 7.

The subtitle names refer to people Klaus Schulze met during his career. (Eddie probably refers to Edgar Froese, Stomu refers to Stomu Yamash'ta, Hartmut And Manuel refers to Hartmut Enke & Manuel Göttsching, Michael S. refers to Michael Shrieve, Arthur refers to Arthur Brown, and Marian probably refers to Marian Gold.)


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