RHEINGOLD is the thirty-eighth album by Klaus Schulze, originally released on 28 November 2008. It is Schulzes eleventh live album, again featuring Australian singer Lisa Gerrard. There are several iterations of this album, including a double CD, a double DVD, and a limited edition combining both CDs and DVDs. The title RHEINGOLD refers to the "Nibelungen", a German mytholgy, which also inspired Richard Wagner to his namesake opera.


CD 1

  1. Alberich (24:54)
  2. Loreley (39:35)

CD 2

  1. Wotan (10:03)
  2. Wellgunde (14:56)
  3. Nothung (11:20)
  4. Nibelungen (31:27) Bonus Studio Track


  1. Alberich (26:08)
  2. Loreley (41:52)
  3. Wotan (12:28)
  4. Wellgunde (15:39)
  5. Nothung (10:57)


  1. The Documentary - The Real World Of Klaus Schulze (61:09)
  2. The Interview - Steve Wilson Meets Klaus Schulze (67:38)
  3. KS Fashion Trailer (01:21)


Recording Date: 18 July 2008 (live), late summer 2008 (studio)

Recording site(s): Loreley (live), Hambühren (studio

Producer(s): Klaus Schulze, Tom Dams

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze, Lisa Gerrard ("lyrics")

Musician(s): Klaus Schulze, Lisa Gerrard (vocals)


RHEINGOLD is mostly a live recording from Schulzes performance on the "III. Night of the Prog"-Festival in the historic amphitheatre on Loreley, Germany on 18 July 2008, right after a performance of former colleagues Tangerine Dream.

All track titles stem from German mythology, mostly the "Nibelungen" saga.

Lisa Gerrard sings on Loreley and Wellgunde. All singing was totally improvised.

The documentary and the interview were filmed in the British Real World studios of Peter Gabriel, where RHEINGOLD was produced.

The cover design is by Thomas Ewerhard, additional photography by Christian Piednoir, James L. Frachon, Marcel Joachim, Marius-Christian Burcea, Oliver Niklas.





  • 2008 SYNTHETIC SYMPHONY SPV 306070 2CD+2DVD Digipack
  • 2008 SYNTHETIC SYMPHONY SPV 306072 2CD Digipack
  • 2008 SYNTHETIC SYMPHONY SPV 306077 2DVD Digipack
  • 2008 SYNTHETIC SYMPHONY SPV 80001310 2DVD promo


  • 2008 SOYUZ MUSIC SPV 306072 2CD
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