Playmate in Paradise is the first track of the thirty-fifth album by Klaus Schulze, MOONLAKE (2005).


Recorded: End of 2004 to early 2005, 05 November 2003 (live part)

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Perfomer(s): Klaus Schulze, Thomas Kagermann (violin, vocals)


The track is partly a studio recording, partly of live origin from a performance in Poznan (Poland) on 05 November 2003. The concert in Poland was for the opening of the "Stary Browar", some kind of mall in Poznan. Schulze's music accompanied a huge light show by Gert Hof.

Playmate in Paradise is partly on promo MUSIC FROM TIME AND SPACE VOL. 16, which is part of German magazine "Eclipsed" (edition 10/2005).


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