Narren des Schicksals: 2. Satz (Grave) is the second track on the second disc NARREN DES SCHICKSALS from the box set SILVER EDITION (1993) by Klaus Schulze. It has 6 subtitles, which are no separate tracks to skip to. The German/Italian title translates Fools of Fate: 2. Movement (Serious)


Recorded: 1992 to January 1993, Hambühren

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Perfomer(s): Klaus Schulze


Narren des Schicksals: 2. Satz (Grave) has 6 subtitles, which are not displayed on any player, so you cannot skip to them.

  1. Narren des Schicksals: 2. Satz (Grave) (22:55)
    1. O unser verlorenes Paradies (03:05) [German = Oh Our Lost Paradise]
    2. Ihr stillen Spiegel der Wahrheit (01:28) [German = You Silent Mirrors of Truth]
    3. Die finsteren Dörfer der Kindheit (03:32) [German = The Sinister Villages of Childhood]
    4. Eines Lächeln Widerhall (02:48) [German = An Echo of a Smile]
    5. Schön ist die Stille der Nacht (05:09) [German = Beautiful is the silence of night]
    6. Und die friedlosen Schatten? (06:53) [German = And the Restless Shadows?]

All titles stem from poems of Georg Trakl.

NARREN DES SCHICKSALS has the subtitle "Symphonische Dichtung in 3 Sätzen, B-moll" (Symphonic Poem in 3 Movements, B minor).


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