My Virtual Principles is the second track on the seventh disc MY VIRTUAL PRINCIPLES from the box set HISTORIC EDITION (1995) by Klaus Schulze.


Recorded: 1982, Hambühren

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Perfomer(s): Klaus Schulze, Wolfgang Tiepold (cello), B. Dragić (violin)

Alternative Version(s): Melange


My Virtual Principles has 8 subtitles, which are only separate tracks to skip to on the LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE reissue.

  1. My Virtual Principles (62:49)
    1. Purpose (05:55)
    2. Shape (05:15)
    3. Cleaning Event (02:05)
    4. Flux Post (06:48)
    5. Catch Wave (09:09)
    6. Endless Box (10:41)
    7. Merzbau (16:08) [famous piece of installation art of German sculptor Kurt Schwitters]
    8. Tachistic Architecture (06:48)

My Virtual Principles was reissued in ULTIMATE EDITION and LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 7. It was planned to be used as soundtrack (probably for NEXT OF KIN), but wasn't.

The rare track Melange from the sampler OHM: THE EARLY GURUS OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC is a remix of the parts Shape and Cleaning Event.


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