MIDITATION is the fourth album by Klaus Schulze released under his alias Richard Wahnfried, originally released in February 1986.


  1. Miditation (25:33)
  2. Midiaction (29:28)


Recording date(s): 1981 & 1985

Recording site(s): Hambühren

Producer(s): Klaus Schulze

Musician(s): Klaus Schulze, Steve Jolliffe


A few fragments of Miditation are used in the soundtrack for the radio play Dr. Faustus elektrisiert.

Midiaction was later (perhaps by mistake) reissued on JUBILEE EDITION as Ludwigs Traum. Two other versions are issued on JUBILEE EDITION as well, and they are longer but they lack the background drum track. Those tracks are Ballet Pour Le Docteur Faustus and The Unspoken Thing.

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