Lodz (Janina) is the third track on the sixteenth album by Klaus Schulze, DZIEKUJE POLAND (1983). On the 2006 reissue it is track number four. Lodz is a town in Poland, where Schulze and Rainer Bloss played live in 1983.


Recorded: July 1983

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Perfomer(s): Klaus Schulze, Rainer Bloss (keyboards)

Alternative Version(s): Ludwig II. Von Bayern, Objet D'Louis, Ludwig Revisted


Lodz (Janina) is in fact a live version of Ludwig II. Von Bayern, from "X." (1978), alternative live versions are Objet D'Loius and Ludwig Revisted.

On the 2006 reissue the additional female name behind the track title was left out.

This track was (probably partly) used for:

  • the Polish tv play "Sketches from the Man without Qualities"
  • the German underground videos "Streng verboten" and "Fast gestattet"
  • a French tv documentary about child abuse (2004)


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