L'Opera aperta is the first track on the forty-sixth disc BOLOGNA from the box set ULTIMATE EDITION (2000) by Klaus Schulze. The Italian title translates The Open Work or The Open Opera.


Recorded: 15 December 1998, Bologna, Italy

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Performer(s): Klaus Schulze


L'Opera aperta has 5 subtitles, which are only separate tracks to skip to on LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 15 (2014).

  1. L'Opera aperta (49:43)
    1. You Sea! (06:31)
    2. Agnus Dei & Kyrie (10:17) [Latin = Lamb of God & Lord]
    3. Scherzi a parte (19:15) [Italian = Jokes Aside]
    4. Ars magna lucis et umbrae (09:47) [Latin = The Great Art of Light and Shadows]
    5. L'Arte de cenni (03:53) [Italian = The Art of Signs]

L'Opera aperta is reissued in LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 15.