Klaustrophony is the fourth track on the nineteenth album by Klaus Schulze, DREAMS (1986). On CD releases it is track number five. The title is a word play on the name "Klaus" and "claustrophobic" and "symphony".


Recorded: June/July 1986

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Perfomer(s): Klaus Schulze, Andreas Grosser (piano, keyboards), Nunu Isa (guitar), Ulli Schober (percussion), Harald Asmussen (bass), Ian Wilkinson (vocals)


"Klaustrophony" was the working title for DREAMS, but the record company wanted a more "new age" look and title for the album, so Schulze named this track Klaustrophony.


At night I lay sleeping
upon the crystal darkened night
And in my dreams I was awoken
I wasnt' once lacking my sight
The eve is over now
a few drops dropping in sunlight
like a shimmering diamond
it was a burning crystal to a darkened night
I was awoken
by words spoken
beware this sunlight
they said
ask me but one question
coming from a long bearded man
dressed in white.
Now my thinking
hence in thought
I look deep inside of my life
and in gravity of motion
these were the words I took upon
I truly, I truly speak fond
I said tell me who or why is this man
what is this thing that they call love
And he was gone
as fast as he had come
to the place in which he gave all
I woke a second time in my dreams
it was the answer to the small question
walking yon on mountain slopes
He and I, the bearded man
stopping short, I realized to where he's taken me
to the pool of well-lit water
On the bottom was water ebbed
and the spring of life was no longer
pushing and  rushing burned with life
Now endlessly upon this power
do they stand
and why bearded man

laughed and laughed and laughed
and the laughter turned to thunder
Was it Raining down to earth
sunlight sparkle in the web
spoke of words and of thirst
the water is clear as a bell
Old wise man
he think is wise
said to my question
this was the only answers that are clear
And bearded man
Comes the were he’d gone
minute gone
travel on through the door in my dreams
and the ball and chain
never ever it remained
for being in white man
short life in the dark
to where he's keeping bad dreams
to be liken to the sunlight
he took them with scorn
the stars followed starlit nights
They all round, one round circle
to be divided by the hand of man
we are created while once perfected
Drink it all
plain simple
you will never
you will never
fall in chains


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