Havlandet is the second track on the ninth disc SCHWANENSEE from the box set HISTORIC EDITION (1995) by Klaus Schulze. It is the soundtrack to the 1985 TV-film "Havlandet" by Lasse Glomm, Norway, whose title can be translated as Sealand.


Recorded: May - June 1985, Hambühren, Germany and Sonet Studio Stockholm, Sweden

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Perfomer(s): Klaus Schulze, Rainer Bloss

Alternative Version(s): Drive Inn, Drive Out (only part Dream Theme)


Havlandet has 10 subtitles, which are only separate tracks to skip to on the LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE reissue.

  1. Havlandet (27:22)
    1. Main Theme (03:40)
    2. Erzählung (03:42) [German = Narrative]
    3. Nordenlicht I (01:09) [German = Northern Lights I]
    4. Winter - Sommer (02:37) [German = Winter - Summer]
    5. Nordenlicht II (01:07) [German = Northern Lights II]
    6. Dream Theme (01:12)
    7. Nordenlicht III (01:09) [German = Northern Lights III]
    8. Sleigh-Ride (02:55)
    9. Funeral (03:11)
    10. End Theme (06:40)

Havlandet was reissued in ULTIMATE EDITION and LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 10.

The track consists of 10 snippets typical for a soundtrack recording, with short pauses between them.

The part Dream Theme is a piano version of Drive Inn/Drive Out from the Schulze/Bloss album DRIVE INN.