HISTORY is a compilation album by Klaus Schulze, originally released on 14 March 1988.


  1. Mindphaser (05:00) [Excerpt from MOONDAWN]
  2. Georg Trakl (05:25) [from "X."]
  3. Freeze (06:36) [from ANGST]
  4. The Looper Isn't A Hooker (08:23) [misprinted The Looper Isn't A Trooper] [from DIG IT]
  5. On The Edge (07:52) [from INTER*FACE]
  6. Memory (04:50) [from ANGST]
  7. Dreams (09:25) [from DREAMS]
  8. Wahnfried 1883 (06:00) [Excerpt from TIMEWIND]
  9. Weird Caravan (05:20) [from DIG IT]
  10. Sebastian Im Traum (05:45) [Excerpt from AUDENTITY]
  11. Fm Delight (06:20) [Excerpt from EN=TRANCE]


Compiled: December 1987 by kdm

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Musician(s): Klaus Schulze, Harald Grosskopf, Rainer Bloss, Fred Severloh, Wolfgang Tiepold, Ulli Schober, Andreas Grosser, Nunu Isa, Harald Asmussen


This sampler was limited to 1000 copies only. They were not sold, but given free to journalists, sales representatives and friends, hence the CD was labeled "Promotional CD - Not For Sale". The booklet features a discography, a biography of Klaus Schulze, and two essays by kdm.

The track The Looper Isn't A Hooker was for any reason renamed in The Looper Isn't A Trooper.

The cover is the same as on EN=TRANCE by Jacques Sehy, but without the window.


Keyboards and electronics



  • 1988 BRAIN 835 161-2 CD [Promotional CD - Not For Sale]
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