Georg Trakl is the second track on the tenth album by Klaus Schulze, "X." (1978). The title refers to the German poet Georg Trakl (1887-1914).


Recorded: January to summer 1978

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Perfomer(s): Klaus Schulze, Harald Grosskopf (drums)

Alternate Title(s): Love Theme

Alternative Version(s): Discover Trakl


The first releases used only a short excerpt of Georg Trakl of about 5 minutes. When researching for the ULTIMATE EDITION box set, kdm found a tape with the complete version (28:02), released under the name Discover Trakl in the set. On the 2005 reissue of "X." another excerpt of 26:04 was used. So the full version can only be found in the deleted ULTIMATE EDITION set.

This track was (partly) used for:

  • the Suisse film "Forscher des Vertikalen - Auguste Piccard"
  • the US thriller "Barracuda" (1978)
  • the German WDR documentary "Haie II" (1978)
  • the Suisse film "Ziel Zwotausend zurück zur Natur" (1981)
  • the New Zealand thriller "Next of Kin" (1982), as Love Theme
  • the German tv movie "Der Malawi See" (1986)
  • a promotion video of a German insurance company called Tela


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