Freeze is the first track on the seventeenth album by Klaus Schulze, ANGST (1984).


Recorded: 16 - 17 April and September and 12 October 1983

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Perfomer(s): Klaus Schulze

Alternative Version(s): Sebastian Im Traum


Although Freeze is part of the soundtrack ANGST it was not used in the film at all.

An early version of Freeze is part of Sebastian Im Traum from AUDENTITY (1983).

This track was (partly) used for:

  • the US thriller "Manhunter" (1986) by Michael Mann [also titled "Red Dragon" or "Blutmond"]
  • the German documentary "Kinderpornographie" (1993)
  • the US movie "The Bling Ring" (2013)


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