Die Lieder des Prinzen Vogelfrei is the first track on the first disc FILM MUSIK from the box set SILVER EDITION (1993) by Klaus Schulze. It has 6 subtitles, which are no separate tracks to skip to. The German title translates The Songs of Prince Bird-Free.


Recorded: Finished 13 January 1993, Hambühren

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Perfomer(s): Klaus Schulze


Die Lieder des Prinzen Vogelfrei has 6 subtitles, which are not displayed on any player, so you cannot skip to them.

  1. Die Lieder des Prinzen Vogelfrei (28:26)
    1. Ich schlief gut, ich lachte viel (05:43) [German = I slept well, I laughed a lot]
    2. Eine Begierde nach Liebe (04:27) [German = A Desire for Love]
    3. The Pool of Tears (04:15)
    4. Melancholetta (02:14)
    5. The Stillness of the Wood (03:01)
    6. Sänger, Ritter und Freigeist (08:46) [German = Singer, Knight and Free Spirit]

All titles stem from works of Friedrich Nietzsche and Lewis Carroll.

This music was originally part of a soundtrack recording with the working title "Burgen und Schlösser" for a 3 part TV documentary about castles, churches and historic buildings in former East Germany called "Spurensicherung". Only small bits of the music was actuelly used in the films.


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