Der Lauf Der Dinge is the third track on the tenth disc DER LAUF DER DINGE from the box set HISTORIC EDITION (1995) by Klaus Schulze. The German title translates The Way Things Go.


Recorded: 1975, Hambühren, Germany

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Perfomer(s): Klaus Schulze


Der Lauf Der Dinge has 2 subtitles, but only on the LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE reissue.

  1. Der Lauf Der Dinge (20:45)
    1. Tutto Va Bene (10:16) [Italian = Everything Goes Well]
    2. You Don't Have To Win (10:31)

Der Lauf Der Dinge was reissued in ULTIMATE EDITION and LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 3.

Pure Moog sequencer music.