Death Of An Analogue is the first track on the thirteenth album by Klaus Schulze, DIG IT (1980).


Recorded: May to September 1980

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Perfomer(s): Klaus Schulze, Fred Severloh (drums)

Alternate Title(s): Title Theme


On Death Of An Analogue you can hear Schulze "sing" via a vocoder.

Death Of An Analogue is the main theme of the movie "Next of Kin" (1982), hence given the name Title Theme on the soundtrack album.

This track was (partly) used for:

  • the Swiss film "Mafia (La) Series" (1983)
  • the New Zealand thriller "Next of Kin" (1982), as Title Theme
  • the German tv program "Auslandsjournal" (1995)
  • for a ballet by Elisa Monte Dance Co., New York


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