DRUMS'N'BALLS (THE GANCHA DUB) is the seventh album by Klaus Schulze released under his alias Wahnfried, originally released in December 1997. It was reissued in 2016.


  1. Drums'N'Balls (15:29)
  2. Percussy (12:21)
  3. House Of India (15:24)
  4. Bass Of Orion (13:44)
  5. Chicken Biryani (15:21) bonus track


Recording date(s): 1996 - beginning of 1997

Recording site(s): Hambühren

Producer(s): Klaus Schulze

Musician(s): Joe "Dum Dum" Loevenstone, Sloto Olatunye, Tim Bales, Katarina Nevaseynewa, Venus "Fretless" Dupond, Richard Wahnfried


Most of the people credited on this release are fake.