DOSBURG ONLINE is the thirty-third solo album by Klaus Schulze, originally released on 10 November 1997. It is Schulze's ninth live album but without any audience noise. The title is a play on words of the German town Duisburg, where the original concert recording was (partly) made, and the computer term "DOS".


  1. L'Âge Core (11:50)
  2. Requiem für's Revier (15:01)
  3. Groove'n'Bass (06:16)
  4. Get Sequenced (03:28)
  5. The Power of Moog (04:46)
  6. Up, Up and Away (08:21)
  7. From Dawn Till Dusk (04:01)
  8. The Art of Sequencing (18:21)
  9. Primavera (07:01)


Recording Date: Spring and summer 1997

Recording site(s): Duisburg and Berlin Babelsberg (live), Hambühren

Producer(s): Klaus Schulze

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze, Lorraine Oostwoud (lyrics)

Musician(s): Klaus Schulze, Jörg Schaaf (keyboard, sequencer), Roelof Oostwoud (vocals)


DOSBURG ONLINE stems from two concert recordings in May 1997, Schulze played in the German towns of Duisburg (17 May) and Berlin Babelsberg (19-20 May. Studio A, ORB "Radio Fritz").

Originally there where only 4 tracks (in fact there are 4 continuous tracks), but on request of the record company they had to be divided into "at least eight". The original tracks were:

  1. L'Âge Core - Requiem für's Revier
  2. Groove'n'Bass - Get Sequenced - The Power of Moog - Up, Up and Away
  3. From Dawn Till Dusk - The Art of Sequencing
  4. Primavera

Operatic singer Roelof Oostwoud also worked on Schulze's opera TOTENTAG (1994).

The cover is by EYE OF THE STORM, photos by Claus Cordes.

In 2006 DOSBURG ONLINE was the twenty-first Schulze album reissued by REVISTED RECORDS as part of a series of Schulze album reissues. It has no bonus track due to its original CD filling length. But the fade out of the last track Primavera was improved.


Minimoog, Roland JD-800, E-MU E4K, Rave-o-lution, Cyber-6, Polymorph, Roland SRV-2000, Roland RSP-550, E-MU ESI 32, Roland D-550 Linear, Bass Station, Syntari 4, Mackie mixer



  • 1997 EYE OF THE STORM 3984 20656-2 CD
  • 2006 REVISTED REC. REV 061 CD Digipack
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