DAS WAGNER DESASTER is the thirtieth solo album by Klaus Schulze, originally released on 01 December 1994. It is Schulzes seventh live album and was recorded in Paris and Rome on 27 and 31 May 1994. The title translates THE WAGNER DISASTER, refering to a quarrel between Richard Wagner and Friedrich Nietzsche.


CD 1

  1. Wagner (Wild Mix) (28:27)
    1. Intro: Metamusik (04:07)
    2. Ohne Visionen Kein Erfolg (18:09)
    3. You Have To Remain Crazy (06:16)
  2. Nietzsche (Wild Mix) (28:37)
    1. Intro: Götzendämmerung (06:36)
    2. Geist Ist Auch Wollust (16:28)
    3. Der Schwer Gefasste Entschluss (05:36)
  3. Entfremdung (Wild Mix, Encore Paris) (10:00)
  4. Versöhnung (Soft Mix, Encore Rome) (11:42)

CD 2

  1. Liebe (Soft Mix) (27:56)
    1. Kurzschrift Der Gefühle (03:35)
    2. Wie Ein Schlafender Schwan (18:05)
    3. Pfeil Seiner Sehnsucht (06:20)
  2. Hass (Soft Mix) (28:35)
    1. Erste Poetische Epistel (06:35)
    2. Schwarze Milch Der Frühe (13:41)
    3. Pêle Mêle (08:18)
  3. Encore Sevilla (19:17)


Recording Date: 27 and 31 May 1994, 26 October 1991 (bonus)

Recording site(s): Paris (La Cigale) and Rome (Teatro Valle), Sevilla (bonus)

Producer(s): Klaus Schulze, André Zenou ("wild" mix)

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Musician(s): Klaus Schulze


Wagner and Nietzsche have the same source as Liebe and Hass, just the mixes are different. The "soft" mixes were done by Schulze, the "wild" mixes are by André Zenou, who is also responsible for the cover artwork.

All are continuous tracks - although subtitles are given (only inside the booklet of the first issue), it is not possible to skip to them.

The cover design is by André Zenou.

In 2005 DAS WAGNER DESASTER was the fifteenth Schulze album reissued by REVISTED RECORDS as part of a series of Schulze album reissues. The reissue bonus track Encore Sevilla is from a concert in Sevilla in 1991. For inclusion of this bonus track, the order of titles were altered on the reissue.


Electronics, Minimoog



  • 1994 ZYX ZYX 90000-2 2CD
  • 2005 REVISTED REC. REV 033 2CD Digipack
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