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In 2013 Klaus Schulze announced that he will not perform live anymore - therefore this list is definate. In 40+ years he gave more than 350 concerts in 16 different counties.


Early concerts of Klaus Schulze in his first bands Les Barons (Düsseldorf) and Psy Free (Berlin) are not documented in detail. The same applies to early Tangerine Dream appearances, mostly in Berlin. Also it is not documented, in which TD-concerts Klaus was actually in the line-up. Therefore this 60's list is more like a guess than hard facts.

1969-10-11 Pop & Blues Festival, Essen, Germany
Les Barons

Psy Free

Tangerine Dream



In 1970 Klaus played a lot of concerts with Tangerine Dream in Berlin and a few in Frankfurt, but no exact dates are confirmed. After leaving TD in summer of 1970 he joined Manuel Göttsching and Hartmut Enke, forming Ash Ra Tempel. There were also a few gigs under the project name Eruption with members of Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, Kluster, Amon Düül and Agitation Free.

1970-02-06 Festival Inis Reise, Alte Mensa der TU, Berlin, Germany
Tangerine Dream

Ash Ra Tempel



In 1971 Klaus played a number of concerts with Ash Ra Tempel in Germany and also his first concerts outside Germany in Switzerland. The first released live performances stem from this year.

1971-01-20 Quartier Latin, Berlin, Germany
Ash Ra Tempel


In 1972 Klaus gave no concerts at all.


In 1973 Klaus gave his first solo concerts besides playing with Ash Ra Tempel. In summer he also replaced the absent Peter Baumann for a handful of Tangerine Dream gigs. He made also his first appearances in France.

Ash Ra Tempel + Klaus Schulze

Klaus Schulze

Tangerine Dream


In 1974 Klaus gave just a few concerts solo or with friend and guest Michael Hoenig. He made also his first appearances in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Klaus Schulze


In 1975 Klaus started his first longer solo tour throughout Europe, including his first appearences in Italy. On two occasions, friend and roadie Günter Schickert joined him on stage.

1975-04-25 Alhambra,
1975-11-09 Aula Magna, Lugano, Switzerland
Klaus Schulze


In 1976 Klaus toured again in France and throughout Europe, giving his first concerts in Great Britain (with GO). On one occasion he was accompagnied by Harald Grosskopf on drums.

Klaus Schulze

1976 France 2
1976-04-10 Eglise St. Perpétue, Nimes, France 1
The "A Farewell to Pop-music"-Tour


Klaus Schulze


In 1977 Klaus made two extended tours: around Europe (mostly France) in spring, and around Germany in autumn. On one occasion he was accompagnied by Harald Grosskopf on drums, and for two concerts Klaus invited singer Arthur Brown to join him on stage.

1977 France (2)
1977 France
1977-04-13 Planetarium, London Great Britain2
Klaus Schulze



After few performances in early 1978 Klaus made an extended autumn tour throughout Europe (mostly Germany and France), featuring Wolfgang Tiepold on cello during the first part of the tour.

Klaus Schulze

KS as guest

Klaus Schulze

1978 Germany
The "X."-Tour


In autumn 1979 Klaus started one long tour throughout Europe, playing in another town almost every day. During the whole tour he was joined by singer Arthur Brown.

Klaus Schulze & Arthut Brown

1979-10-13 Grugahalle, Essen, Germany
1979 Germany
1979 France
The DUNE-Tour



2015-01-31 14.38.51
In 1980 Klaus gave only 2 concerts, the famous "Stahlsinfonie" in Austria and a concert in Belgium. On both he was accompagnied by Tommy Betzler on drums, in Belgium also Manuel Göttsching joined in.

Klaus Schulze


In 1981 Klaus went on a short November tour throughout Europe, together with Manuel Göttsching.

Klaus Schulze & Manuel Göttsching

1981-11-24 Thomaskirche, Berlin, Germany
1981 Germany


1982-09-22 Venue, London, Great Britain ad 1
In 1982 Klaus began his concert collaboration with Rainer Bloss. Nevertheless they only gave 3 performances in 1982, before starting the longest tour ever the next year.

Klaus Schulze & Rainer Bloss


In spring 1983 Klaus and Rainer Bloss started the longest tour ever with more than 60 dates within 4 months, featuring Klaus' first concerts in Scandinavia. In July they premiered in Poland, giving a small tour of 9 concerts.

Klaus Schulze & Rainer Bloss

1983 France
1983 blank1
1983 Germany
1983 UK (2)
1983-07-01 Wisla Sportshall, Krakow, Poland


In 1984 Klaus gave no concerts at all.


1985 saw a small winter tour of Klaus and Rainer Bloss throughout Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.

Klaus Schulze & Rainer Bloss

1985-02-21 Trinitatiskirche, Berlin, Germany


In 1986 Klaus gave no concerts at all.


1989-08-05 Junge Garde, Dresden, East Germany
In 1987 Klaus gave no concerts at all.


In 1988 Klaus gave no concerts at all.


In 1989 Klaus gave only one concert in Dresden, then still East Germany.

Klaus Schulze



In 1990 Klaus gave no concerts at all.


1991-09-10 Royal Festival Hall, London, Great Britain
1991 saw, besides a few other concerts, a short tour throughout Spain.

Klaus Schulze

The SPAIN-Tour


In 1992 Klaus gave no concerts at all.


In 1993 Klaus gave no concerts at all.


In 1994 Klaus gave only 3 concerts in France and Italy.

Klaus Schulze


In 1995 Klaus gave no concerts at all.


In 1996 Klaus gave only one concert in Great Britain.

Klaus Schulze


1997-05-17 Duisburg, Germany
In 1997 Klaus gave 2 concerts in Germany with guests Jörg Schaaf, singer Roelof Oostwoud and Manuel Göttsching.

Klaus Schulze + guests


1998 only saw one concert of Klaus in Italy.

Klaus Schulze


1999-08-22 Kickzone Festival, Cologne, Germany
Two concerts of Klaus in 1999, both on unusual festivals.

Klaus Schulze



In 2000 Klaus played only on one occasion - the famous reunion concert of Ash Ra Tempel in London.

Ash Ra Tempel


2001-06-09 Stadthalle, Osnabrück, Germany
2001 saw another reunion - Klaus invited Wolfgang Tiepold to join him on his only concert that year.

Klaus Schulze + Wolfgang Tiepold


In 2003 Klaus was invited to play for the opening of a new mall in Poland.

Klaus Schulze


In 2005 Klaus got seriously ill, therefore a scheduled concert in Italy was cancelled.

Klaus Schulze


2008-07-18 III. Night of the Prog, Loreley, Germany poster
In spring 2008 again 2 concerts were cancelled due to Klaus' health problems, but later that year he performed together with Australian singer Lisa Gerrard.

Klaus Schulze

Klaus Schulze + Lisa Gerrard


2009-09-19 Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany
2009 saw the last Klaus Schulze tour including 6 dates throughout Europe again joined by Lisa Gerrard. In Essen Klaus got ill and Lisa performed solo to prerecorded music by Klaus.

Klaus Schulze + Lisa Gerrard



2010-03-21 International Forum, Tokyo, Japan
Klaus played two nights in Japan, afterwards declaring his retirement from the stage.

Klaus Schulze


Very surprisingly a very last farewell concert in Poland was announced. Unfortunately Klaus was not able to attend due to his bad health. On short notice Tangerine Dream jumped in and gave their first full concert without Edgar Froese. The Klaus Schulze tickets remained valid for the TD concert.

Klaus Schulze

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