CONQUEST OF PARADISE or A TRIBUTE TO HENRY (GENTLEMAN) MASKE is a CD maxi single by Klaus Schulze, originally released on 24 October 1994. It is the second release (after GOES CLASSIC), on which Schulze plays compositions from other musicians, namely famous Greek composer Vangelis.


  1. Conquest Of Paradise (Long Version) (04:48) [reissued on LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 14]
  2. Conquest Of Paradise (Short Version) (03:34)


Recording Date: 17 - 21 October 1994

Recording site(s): Hambühren

Producer(s): Klaus Schulze

Composer(s): Vangelis

Musician(s): Klaus Schulze, Werner Eggert (keyboards, computer), Christian Ledweg (keyboards, computer)


Conquest Of Paradise is from the soundtrack of the same name from Vangelis.

Schulze did this unusual project on request of the record company, who paid him a fortune to do it.

At least two different versions with different titles of the CD single exist: CONQUEST OF PARADISE and A TRIBUTE TO HENRY (GENTLEMAN) MASKE. The latter referring to German boxer Henry Maske, who used this composition as entrance music to his fights.

Schulze's version of Conquest Of Paradise appeared on numerous samplers and compilations, making it his most popular track, although he did not compose it.

The cover design is by ZYX Records.





  • 1994 ZYX 7481-8 CD single
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