Ballet Pour Le Docteur Faustus is the second track on the seventh disc CYBORGS FAUST from the box set JUBILEE EDITION (1997) by Klaus Schulze. The French title probably translates Ballet For Doctor Faust.


Recorded: 1978

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Performer(s): Klaus Schulze

Alternate version(s): The Unspoken Thing, Ludwigs Traum, Midiaction


Ballet Pour Le Docteur Faustus has 4 subtitles, which are no separate tracks to skip to.

  1. Ballet Pour Le Docteur Faustus (38:17)
    1. Prolog Im Himmel (09:20) [German = Prologue In Heaven]
    2. Des Pudels Kern (12:36) [German = The Poodle's Core]
    3. Walpurgisnacht (07:39) [German = Walpurgis Night]
    4. Kerker (08:42) [German = Dungeon]

Ballet Pour Le Docteur Faustus was reissued in ULTIMATE EDITION.

An alternate version of this track is to find on the nineteenth disc of this box set, called The Unspoken Thing. It's 90 seconds shorter than this track, thus slightly different, but still it sounds the same. It was probably added by mistake.

This track thematically sounds similar to the Richard Wahnfried track Midiaction, though without the added sound effects and drum loops. The same applies for Ludwigs Traum (which sounds exactly the same as Midiaction, though 6 seconds longer).


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