ANGST is the seventeenth solo album by Klaus Schulze, originally released in March 1984. It is the original Soundtrack to the Austrian thriller "Angst" (1983) by Georg Kargl. The German title translates "fear".


  1. Freeze (06:36)
  2. Pain (09:36)
  3. Memory (04:50)
  4. Surrender (08:41)
  5. Beyond (10:16)
  6. Silent Survivor (31:40) Bonus Track


Recording Date: 16 - 17 April and September and 12 October 1983

Recording site(s): Hambühren, München

Producer(s): Klaus Schulze

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Musician(s): Klaus Schulze


ANGST was the first and only Schulze solo album released on his own short living INTEAM label.

Although ANGST is stated to be an Original Soundtrack Recording there is only one(!) track featured in the actual film, namely Surrender, which is like the main theme. None of the other tracks appear in the movie at all, except Pain was later used as background music of the DVD menu. On the other hand, a lot of music from Schulze used in the film, is not on the soundtrack. Therefore it is a bit misleading to call ANGST a soundtrack at all. But Freeze was used in another thriller, the Michael Mann movie "Manhunter" (1986).

Both Schulze and director Georg Kargl stated, that the film was cut after the music, not the other way round as usual.

An early version of Freeze is part of Sebastian Im Traum from AUDENTITY (1983).

Pain was used as B-side to the 12 inch maxi single MACKSY (1985).

The cover artwork is by Claus Cordes.

In 2005 ANGST was the fourteenth Schulze album reissued by REVISTED RECORDS as part of a series of Schulze album reissues. The long bonus track Silent Survivor stems from the same era.

Some music from ANGST was used in:

  • the Austrian thriller "Angst" (1983) by Georg Kargl
  • on music magazine cassette INKEY$ No. 8 (1984)
  • the US thriller "Manhunter" (1986) by Michael Mann [also titled

"Red Dragon" or "Blutmond"] - but not featured on the Original Soundtrack

  • the German documentary "Kinderpornographie" (1993)
  • the US movie "The Bling Ring" (2013)
  • the Dutch tv news program "Nieuwslijn" for a report about Tchernobyl


Electronics, Fairlight, Linn drums



  • 1984 INTEAM ID 20.003 LP
  • 2005 SPV/REVISTED RECORDS REV 032 CD Digipak


  • 1986 THUNDERBOLT THBL 2.027 LP
  • 1986 THUNDERBOLT CDTB 2.027 CD


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