2001 is a compilation album by Klaus Schulze, originally released on 01 November 1991.


  1. 2. Satz: Gewitter (Energy Rise - Energy Collapse) (05:30) [titled Gewitter] [Excerpt from IRRLICHT]
  2. Voices Of Syn (04:44) [Excerpt from BLACKDANCE]
  3. Totem (04:26) [Excerpt from PICTURE MUSIC]
  4. Mindphaser (04:52) [Excerpt from MOONDAWN]
  5. Blanche (05:24) [Excerpt from BODY LOVE]
  6. Crystal Lake (07:19) [Excerpt from MIRAGE]
  7. Ludwig II. Von Bayern (05:13) [Excerpt from "X."]
  8. Weird Caravan (05:00) [Excerpt from DIG IT]
  9. Amourage (05:10) [Excerpt from AUDENTITY]
  10. Silent Running (05:36) [Excerpt from TRANCEFER]
  11. Pain (04:29) [Excerpt from ANGST]
  12. En=Trance (04:17) [Excerpt from EN=TRANCE]
  13. The Beat Planante (04:37) [Excerpt from INTER*FACE]
  14. Miditerranean Pads (05:09) [Excerpt from MIDITERRANEAN PADS]
  15. Percussion Planante (05:50) [Excerpt from MIDITERRANEAN PADS]


Compiled: June 1991 by Klaus Schulze

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Musician(s): Klaus Schulze, Harald Grosskopf, Colloquium Musica Orchestra, Ernst Walter Siemon, Rainer Bloss, Fred Severloh, Wolfgang Tiepold, Orchester des Hessischen Rundfunks, Elfi Schulze, Georg Stettner


This sampler was exclusively produced for the German mail-order company "2001".

All tracks are in chronological order. Schulze remixed and mastered them himself, including cross-fadings between all tracks, making the album one long "Klaus Schulze suite".

The booklet features an essay by Albrecht Piltz.


Keyboards and electronics



  • 1991 BRAIN 511 295-2 CD
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