1970-02-06 Festival Inis Reise, Alte Mensa der TU, Berlin, Germany
Alte mensa tu

Alte Mensa TU Berlin

Date: 08 February 1970

Event: Festival "Inis Reise"

Venue: Alte Mensa der TU

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Performers: Tangerine Dream

  • Edgar Froese
  • Klaus Schulze
  •  ???

Recording: none


A three days underground festival with theatre, political films

and concerts. Besides Tangerine Dream were Amon Düül II, Agitation Free, Music Transmission and Charly Weiss on the set-list. All bands played on all three days.

It is not known with which line-up TD performed at the festival, it surely were Edgar and Klaus, perhaps Conrad Schnitzler or Happy Dieter.

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