Tangerine Dream, "Bath Tube Session," Berlin, 1969

Tangerine Dream, "Bath Tube Session," Berlin, 1969

St georg brunnen 2
St georg brunnen
: 1969

Venue: St. Georg Brunnen, Bayern-Hof

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Performers: Tangerine Dream

  • Klaus Schulze (drums)


  • Film clip "Bath Tube Session" (7 min.)
  • Bootleg exists (7 min.) [TANGERINE TREE VOL. 88]


The "Bath Tube Session" was a free gig in the open yard of the abandoned restaurant building "Bayern-Hof" at then Potsdamer Platz. The members of Tangerine Dream, as well as some spectators; climbed the St. Georg Well to perform some kind of rock jam session. In the video you can see Klaus working his drum kit on the upper platform, as well as Edgar (guitar) and "Happy" Dieter (bass) on the lower step rocking their guitars. Today nobody recalls who "Happy" Dieter was... At 00:27 you can spot a young Michael Hoenig in the crowd enjoying the music.

To the day this is the first recording of any music played by Klaus Schulze. The clip is a snippet of the film "Jamboree bei Hofe" from Berlin SFB TV directed by Wolfgang Kraesze.

After the "Bayern-Hof" was blown up in 1973 the well was relocated to Hindemithplatz in 1980, where it still can be visited.

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