'Nuff Said! is the first track on the twenty-fifth disc 'NUFF SAID! from the box set JUBILEE EDITION (1997) by Klaus Schulze.


Recorded: April 1997

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Performer(s): Klaus Schulze


'Nuff Said! has 2 subtitles, though they are left out on LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 15 (2014).

  1. 'Nuff Said! (79:06)
    1. 'Nuff Said! (74:26)
    2. Der Letzte Löscht Das Licht (04:40)

'Nuff Said! was reissued in ULTIMATE EDITION and LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 15.

This was Klaus' most recently recorded music before the release of JUBILEE EDITION.


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